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we spend our days in water, thinking with the fish. inking in this think tank; we fight it off, we write it off and wish we spent our days in fire, ho hum, ready to retire from this unheated medium - it's so warm, don't you think? are you wasted? can you take it? (you couldn't fake it if you tried). i spend some days at pleasure, thinking at my leisure of all the pleasure you can bring you never miss! and i spend my days in heaven, just thinking of your kiss
you answer all my questions, it might as well be Greek. doesn't what i say appeal? you have my attention still; wake me if i'm sleeping; is it a dream or is it real? you say you see an angel, is it light like in a tunnel, to save you? wind in your sails, a great deal!? wake me if i'm sleeping, come and tell me how you feel. parts combine. take a picture of the show, though you're not sure and it breaks my love. take it with you when you go, take it slow. you left me with no cover, you said you'd be here until it was forever (i thought that was kinda cool) wake me if i'm sleeping; is it a dream or is it real?
corners i've cut a few, saving the best part, waiting for you. for something exquisite now, not big and shiny just small. normal and real; this is my avowal. promises made to God in the heat of the moment, then forgot. count on me baby, i won't say maybe next time. the night is alive with love, moon and the stars above. count on me baby, start a new day with me (here we go).
that's the way things go, you know how it is, making promises. that's the way things go, waiting in the wings, laughing when he sings, you're only human; you wear your heart out on a limb, there's no other way to win. that's the way things go, you know how it is upon a pedestal. you were adored, i guess you knew you would get bored. you got the call, there was nothing wrong with the weather. a rain began to fall, that all i remember. that's the way things go, whatever. way up the river i can see it in the water, reflections on your face. wrinkles on the lake slow fade away. that's the way things go..
i sit and weep, think things over. i try to sleep, dreams don't come. i'm in too deep, hold me under, damage done. i go to school, i see my friends, i tell them things by the light of the sun. come the night, i'm in too deep. damage done. it seems to me we spoke too soon; what are you running from? my choice of words defies description. i complain about you, call your phone. i'm in too deep, hold me under. dial tone. i talk too much. i move too slow. you give me looks to let me know i'm wrong. i'm in too deep, hold me under, damage done. it seems to me, we spoke too soon. with a fine tooth comb, we look for love. me meet for lunch, we have some fun. damage done.
i'm walking on shells, cut up my feet. i'm walking on thin ice, trying to keep you for me. you're walking on sunshine, shooting the breeze. aim an arrow at my heart, i got my head in the trees. dreaming you for me. can't you see it's true; the sky is blue, me here for you. i'm waiting on hooks, at the edge of my chair. too many i tried and fails, wind in my hair. knots in my sails, cure from the prayer. can't you see it's true; the sky is blue, me right here for you.


a largely mellow collection of love songs, heavy on the horns


released July 13, 2016

mixed and engineered at Pacha Sound in Toronto, mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel. The Alphabet is Kate MacLean (drums, backing vox), Mike Tuyp (guitar), Mike Hopkins (guitar), Josh Cavan (keys), and Wes Neal (double bass), with guests Kevin Neal (pedal steel), Gene Hardy (sax) and Bryden Baird (trumpet)


all rights reserved



Erika Werry and the Alphabet Toronto, Ontario

singer songwriter living in Toronto. performs with band.

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